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WSBCBA Mediation Program

Welcome to the Western San Bernardino County Bar Association (WSBCBA) Mediation/Settlement program.

This service is designed to provide an effective low-cost alternative dispute resolution procedure for cases involving disputes less than $100,000.00 which are currently filed in the San Bernardino County Superior Court.

The WSBCBA designed this program to effectively, efficiently, and economically help litigants with matters of less than $100,000 to resolve their legal matters without trial. Over the years, the program has been proven to accomplish this objective. Your mediator will work hard to help find a solution to your problem and will do so fairly and objectively.

The cost of the program is $150 per represented party, or $75 for a pro per party. One party can pay all the cost of the mediation, or it can be split in any manner.  The fee is paid to the WSBCBA and the mediator volunteers his or her time, up to three hours, to help resolve the matter.  If the matter exceeds three hours, the parties pay the mediator for the extra time involved at $400.00 per hour.  A cost much less than any private mediation.

The parties should contact the Director of the WSBCBA to set up the mediation. The director will arrange for a mediator experienced in the particular area of law involved in the dispute.  The mediation will be scheduled generally within 30 to 60 days of initial contact.

The mediation is conducted at a mutually agreeable place, including the offices of the WSBCBA or the mediator’s office, etc. The mediator will supply the Court with a status report of either a successful or failed mediation.  Settlement documents will be available at the mediation for all parties to sign at the conclusion of the mediation.

Below please find a link to the mediation packet which includes more detailed information.

Please complete it and return to the office either by mail, email or fax.

Click Here to Download Mediation Packet

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