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Lifetime Achievement Award

Paul Egly


Hon. Paul Egly

Lifetime Achievement Award




This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is retired Judge Paul W. Egly. To put it simply, there is no one more deserving of this distinguished honor. Judge Egly has dedicated his long and distinguished career to improving the lives of others. Immediately following his graduation from George Washington School of Law in 1949, Judge Egly shipped out to the US Occupation Courts in Germany. From 1949 to 1951, Judge Egly played an integral part in prosecuting World War II war criminals, including top level Nazi officials. After serving his country honorably, Judge Egly returned to California and began his legal practice in 1952, as a partner at Weiner & Egly. After achieving prestige in the California legal community, Judge Egly was appointed to the Municipal Court bench by former Governor Pat Brown in 1963. Shortly thereafter, former Governor and former United States President, Ronald Regan, appointed Judge Egly to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, where he served until 1968. Once he retired from the bench, Judge Egly set his sights upon improving the educational curriculum of the law students of the University of La Verne, School of Law. From 1970 to 2004, Judge Egly served as Professor of Constitutional Law and Dean of the University of La Verne, School of Law. During this time, Judge Egly was responsible for shaping the legal minds of generations of legal scholars and prestigious attorneys, including several members of our bar association. While dedicating himself to academics, Judge Egly continued to vigorously pursue legal rights for the underrepresented. This is illustrated by Judge Egly’s fierce litigation of the landmark anti-discrimination case, Crawford v. Board of Education of the City of Los Angeles, where the constitutionality of California Proposition 1 was tested. Following his noteworthy legal work in Crawford v. Board of Education, Judge Egly returned to his academic career. Judge Egly continued teaching despite losing his eye sight to macular degeneration at the age of 62. In a 1999 American Bar Association article, Judge Egly stated that the reason he continued to practice law was because, “I was stubborn! I didn’t know when to give up…I asked myself, what is your greatest asset? It can’t be my eyes. It’s my brain…I knew the case law by heart.” As such, Judge Egly continues to use his vast knowledge of memorized case law in his position as a panel member of the Judicial Dispute Resolution (“JDR”), where he specializing in complex constitutional law, employment law, public entity municipality law, educational law, mass tort and catastrophic injury. There is absolutely no question that Judge Egly has left his mark on our legal community and community at large. 



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