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Legal Assistant Of The Year Award

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Hon. Nancy Eberhardt

Legal Assistant of the Year




The Western San Bernardino County Bar Association honors Nancy Eberhardt as our Legal Assistant of the Year. In January of 2017, Ms. Eberhardt was appointed as San Bernardino Superior Court’s Executive Officer. Prior to becoming Executive Officer, Ms. Eberhardt served as an assistant executive officer for the San Diego Superior Court and then as a deputy court officer for the San Bernardino Superior Court. During her tenure, Ms. Eberhardt has been instrumental in the creation of an expanded resource center in both the historical courthouses as well as the San Bernardino Justice Center. Her work has been widely lauded by the attorneys and judicial officers our local courts serve. In December of 2016, San Bernardino Superior Court Presiding Judge Raymond L. Haight III stated that “…we are fortunate to have Nancy Eberhardt’s extensive experience in court administration and with Ms. Eberhardt as our court executive officer, we will have effective and sustained leadership for years to come.” After more than 26 years of experience working for the California Courts, it is evident that Ms. Eberhardt is well deserving of Presiding Judge Haight’s high praise, and perfectly suited for the award.


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