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Legal Assistant Of The Year Award


                      Claire Furness

            Legal Assistant of the Year



Claire has worked for the San Bernardino County Bar Association for 28 years at the recommendation of her mother, Opal Loomis (who started working for the association in 1967).  Claire was hired in 1988 as a receptionist for Lawyer Referral Service.  Over the next 16 years, Claire worked for four Excutive Directors before being given the postion of Interim Executive Director in 2004. She was offered the official position in 2006.  Claire is married and has two grown daughters, Tina who also worked for the SBCBA for several years, Alex and two grandchildren.  Claire resides in the San Bernardino mountains with her husband Matt (whose father, Jack Furness was president of the SBCBA in 1989).  In her spare time, Claire enjoys helping her husband with his pest control business, reading books, listening



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